Highlands Play Area Naming Opportunity

Highlands Park Needs You!

We need your support in the upcoming renovation of our city’s beloved Highlands Park Playground! This project, recently approved by the City of San Carlos, will feature capital improvements expanding the playground’s footprint while adding more inclusive play features.

A variety of opportunities are available to support the funding of this project. Naming rights of park amenities such as benches, landscape features and play structures are available as are tiles available for painting, to be featured throughout the playground. A plaque with the honoree’s name will be placed on the sponsored item. Your donation is fully tax deductible and is a wonderful way to honor loved ones or recognize an organization.

Download the the informational PDF here to find out more about the campaign and how you can participate:

Download PDF

Please contact us at (650) 597-0773 or prfofsancarlos@gmail.com with any questions or for more information.

Naming opportunities can be purchased via Paypal or by check made payable to “Parks and Recreation Foundation of San Carlos”

Available Items

HP001 Tree House Net With Climbers

Tree House With Net Climbers


HP002 Oodle Swing

Oodle Swing


HP003 Peak Rock Climber

Peak Rock Climber


HP004 Log Steppers

Log Steppers


HP005 Mushroom Steppers

Mushroom Steppers


HP006 Log Balancing Beam

Log Balancing Beam


HP007 Loop Ladder

Loop Ladder


HP008 Tree Stump Transfer

Tree Stump Transfer


HP009 Bongo Panel

Bongo Panel


HP010 Tot ABC Climber - Group A

Tot ABC Climber – Group A


HP011 Tot ABC Climber - Group B

Tot ABC Climber – Group B


HP012 Tot ABC Climber - Group C

Tot ABC Climber – Group C


HP013 Giant Sequoia Roots with Ground Web

Giant Sequoia Roots with Ground Web


HP014 Redwood Deck Sun Seating-A

Redwood Sun Deck Seating – Group A


HP015 Redwood Deck Sun Seating-B

Redwood Sun Deck Seating – Group B


HP016 Redwood Deck Sun Seating-C

Redwood Sun Deck Seating – Group C


HP017 Bench-A

Bench A


HP018 Bench-B

Bench B


HP019 Bleachers - Group A

Bleachers – Group A


HP020 Bleachers - Group B

Bleachers – Group B


HP021 Tree: Ginkgo Balboa Autumn Gold

Tree-Ginkgo Balboa Autumn Gold


HP022 Tree: Brisbane Box

Tree-Brisbane Box


HP023 Tree: London Plane

Tree-London Plane


HP024- Tree: Coast Redwood A

Tree-Coast Redwood A


HP025 Tree: Coast Redwood B

Tree-Coast Redwood B


HPTILE Art Tiles

Art Tiles

Purchase Art Tiles